Residential Trash Bin Cleaning

Provide your residents with a healthier cleaner community! Clean A Can understands the importance of a sustainable and clean looking community. At Clean a Can we consider the significance this has on the health and safety of your residents. Dirty trash bins can pose potential health risks; not to mention the eyesore and terrible odors that come along with them.

Pressure Washing

Keep sidewalks, curbs, walkways and driveways clean and tidy as this affects everyone. Curb appeal doesn’t stop at your property line. Your home will be more valuable if you live in a place where everyone pays attention to appearance. Working with an HOA, we are able to offer highly discounted rates based on the amount of work and how many homes participate. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Commercial Trash Bin Cleaning

Clean A Can's commercial cleaning services provide an easy and affordable solution. We clean and sanitize trash bins using environmentally safe cleaning agents and use only recycled water that is again recovered by our service vehicles. Services are flexible and reliable, including nights and weekends. You receive after-cleaning photos with your invoices to insure job is up to our high standards. 

Home Owners 


Want to add some luxury to your HOA? Clean a can Provides Curb Side appeal for your neighborhood waste management area. We promote overall well-being, healthy living, and progressive environmental solutions.  We provides an easy and cost-effective way to service your area. We calculate the cost of service based on the number of users and service vehicles needed. Thus, HOAs enjoy maximum cost effectiveness.